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The Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat (EZK) has increased the internet subsidy from $25 to $40 as of January 2024. The increase is only for the year 2024.
If you are paying via standing order, please adjust your amount of the standing order.
For more information you can contact our Customer Service Representative our mail us at info@flamingotv.com.

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Do you want TV or Internet at your home? Flamingo TV can help. We offer a different kind of solutions so you can enjoy your time at home.


Do you want a solution for your business? Flamingo TV can help you solve your problems. With our Service and technical advice, we can support you with the best possible option

Enjoy your time at home

We can provide you with the best channels so you can relax and enjoy your evening at home.

Also, we have a great support team to help you in tangible situations for a very competitive price.

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We understand that your business is very important and that you can’t afford any downtime. 

We make sure you run a tight ship. 

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Check our helpdesk to see if there is any kind of maintenance or temporary error in your area. If not you can try our FAQ to see if that solves your problem. Still no luck? You can always call our helpdesk, we will be happy to help you.


Do you have any questions about our services or are you interested in our products? We will be happy to serve you. On our contact page, you can choose your way of communication with us. To help you as quick as possible we recommend you visit us at the Kaya Korona 22