High Definition T.V. is now available on the Flamingo T.V. Cable network! These channels are Transmitted using ClearQam.

WHAT is Clear Qam. ClearQam is an unencrypted digital channel. Most digital TV sets have a built-in clear QAM tuner, which can decode a number of TV stations,

HOW To get the High definition channels? First you must scan your television. The channels are available on Channels 87 through 113. here you can find the complete line-up. Most TV’s will have the option to automatically scan for new channels. or you can manually enter the channel number.

IF it is not working? Not all TV’s have a built in digital tuner, or some TV’s have a separate connector in the back that you will have to connect the cable to. Your TV also needs to be able to decode both MPEG2 and MPEG4 signals. If your TV does not work with these Channels please contact Flamingo T.V. to request a rental Set-Top Box.